Friday, February 11, 2011

Striving to Fail

So I touched on this concept briefly yesterday but we need to strive to fail.


First I want to set out two different types of failure. The first one we will call avoidable failure, this is failure that happens when we do not try hard enough, or do not decide to pursue our goals through to successes.

This is the failure that lives on the near side of successes. This is the failure we work to avoid.

The second type of failure is overreaching failure. This is failure that happens when we try to do too much, have a plan that is just too big. We want avoid that as well.

Then there is educational failure. This is failure that happens just past successes; it does not bring an entire project down with it but instead causes some parts of the project to turn out differently then what we expected or to not be completed. This is the failure we want to strive for.

The next word to look at here is striving. We do not want to attain this failure but we want to be pushing ourselves as close to it as we can without achieving it. It is there in that place where you can see the collapse of your project and the greatness of its completion at the same time that you will find yourself working to the best of your ability.

Putting yourself in this position makes you work harder to avoid failing, it pushes you to do more then you thought you could, and it forces you to grow.


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