Friday, February 4, 2011

Filling the Gaps

Since a theme of creating your own luck and opportunities has developed this week let's keep on rolling with one more way to luck out and find a great opportunity.

There is a place where opportunity lives and that is in the gap between idea and execution. By looking for these gaps we can find them. When we see others working on something and struggling, we may have the answer to the problem. It may be nothing more than a shortage of man power or the lack of a needed skill, but if we can provide that help and assistance then we can save the day.

Whether or not the opportunity has immediate rewards in job opportunities, résumé building, making new contacts or friendships, there is still something of value to be taken away: a sense of accomplishment. Finding these small opportunities and playing the hero is a great way to build self confidence which, as I have said many times, is the foundation of personal growth.

Even more importantly, as you get in the habit of finding the small opportunities, you will also begin to find the bigger ones. These opportunities are stepping stones to successes.


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