Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Knowing the Waters

Let's talk about currents for a moment. When you step into a body of water you can feel them tugging at you, pushing and pulling, suggesting ways to go. If you are out on a boat or swimming, currents can be useful or they can be a hindrance. They can impart speed to your travel or offer resistance. The worst currents are the ones you do not feel. They push slowly and you any feel like you are moving in a straight line, but you wind up hundreds of feet from where you meant to be when you make it to the shore.

Just like rivers and oceans our lives have currents. They can be both helpful and frustrating. The real key to these currents in our lives is to know they are there, being aware of where the events surrounding you are pushing you to go. It is easy to get caught up in a career riptide and wind up managing restaurants for years without meaning to.

As we become aware of the currents in our lives it becomes possible to ride them, to navigate the depths of possibilities by fallowing currents leading where we want to go. This motion with the forces in our life can take us to the place we want to be, but it can also smash us against the rocks. While we have to be aware of currents and can learn to ride them, we can never trust them and we must always remain in control.


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