Monday, February 21, 2011

Obstructions on the Path

Plans are good things to have but they can also be distractions when we over invest in them. This problem happens when we count on the plans successes before we finish it or when we do not allow ourselves to see another way of achieving our goal. When this happens, one small hiccup in the plan can throw us off altogether.

When this happens we have to be able to remove our focus from the plan and return it to the goal.

Look at it this way: the plan is the path to the top of the mountain and the summit of the mountain is the goal. The mountain is covered with paths but once we choose one and commit our time to it we tend to lose sight of the other paths. So we climb and climb then come to a chasm or a fallen tree that blocks the path. We feel this is the end of the world; we will never reach the top of the mountain now. There are many other paths we can choose from. There are many other ways we can go. We just need to look to the mountain top to see our goal rather than at our feet to see the path we have chosen.


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