Thursday, February 17, 2011

Time Tracing with Chrometa

I have found yet another tool for helping me track how I spend my time. It is called Chrometa and it is annoying and pesky and it just might do the job for me.

Unlike other time tracking apps I have used Chrometa does not rely on me remembering to punch the clock on each activity I do, instead it runs silently, for the most part, in the background watching what windows I open and monitoring which browser tabs I flip between. Once an hour it uploads that information to the web client. Here I can see reports of how much time I have spent on different projects or set up rules to automatically organise my activities. For example I have a rule that puts all Facebook use in the face book category. I can now tell you I spent an hour and 18 minutes on face book yesterday. Not too bad really since I have three games of Scrabble I am playing with my friends over there.

So I have to do nothing to track the time I spend at my computer. That works for me.

If I am away from my computer for more then five minutes when I turn it back on or wake it up from sleep mode Chrometa asks me where I have been. This is the pesky part. I can easily log the time that I have spent doing other things without having to remember to go and put the information somewhere. It comes to me.


jonathanfigaro said...

Dude, where can i find that software? That type of tech can keep mr from procrastinating when i think I'm not..I must have

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