Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dream On

It is easy to dream but it is also easy to let theses dreams stay just that, dreams. Before we can discuss the transition of dreams to reality we have to make a distinction between dreams and fantasies.

Dreams, for our purposes have a grounding in reality. A dream is something we want to have happen in our life that may seem far away or unlikely but which could happen. A dream may be starting your own business or maybe visiting a distant nation.

Fantasies on the other hand are unrealistic. They are beyond the plausible and usually require a component of chance or whimsy that we cannot control. Day dreaming about what we would do if some one gave us a billion dollars would be an example of this.

Fantasies are nice but they are not rational. They are fun but there is not much chance of making them reality. Dreams on the other hand often times can be made real with hard work, solid planning and perseverance.

Without dreams we do not have a true source of goals. Without dreams we spend our energy moving away from things not toward things. Without dreams we will never get where we want to go because we will not know where it is we want to be.

TOMORROW we will look at the how to work backwards from the dream to where we are now to create a plan for making it a reality


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