Thursday, February 3, 2011

Look for the challenge

Networking is one way to find opportunities. Another is to create them for yourself. One way of doing this is not to settle for the easy way of doing something, but find the more challenging way to do it that better showcases your abilities.

Here is an example.

In my Journalism 2 class we have an assignment; we have to localize a national issue. There are easy stories to do. I could even turn in ones I have already written like the SmartMeter debate or the impact of the governor's budget on schools.

Instead I have decided to track down local people with family in Egypt and share their thoughts on the political unrest that has unfolded over the last weeks.

In doing so I have learned things not printed in the papers, and the turmoil in Egypt has opened up to me on a much more personal level. In addition I will have the opportunity to write a great story.

I have this opportunity because I looked for the challenge; I looked for the something big but doable. When we give ourselves the opportunity to excel, to show off and run to the edge of our limits we will shine and we will grow.


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