Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Build Willpower

I spend a lot of time talking about confidence and how it can motivate us and push us forward. Confidence has a partner to help us create the lives we want and that partner is willpower.

Willpower is the force that holds us on track and allows us to resist the things we want that are not good or helpful for us at the moment. It also helps us stay on the path we want when hazardous fake shortcuts try to seduce us.

Like confidence, willpower can be trained so if you feel you are someone without much, do not despair.

Like confidence we grow our willpower a little bit at a time. Setting small goals will strengthen our ability to resist temptation. Example: For me it is habit to go directly to Facebook and Kongregate when I turn on my computer. I waste a good half hour checking statuses and playing games when what I should be doing is writing or doing home work. An exercise in willpower for me would be to wait a half hour before I play games and connect with friends.

When training your willpower the idea is not completely to deny yourself what you want but to set rules for when you can have it. When you meet these rules or conditions you get the reward but you have also shown that you can resist temptation.


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