Wednesday, April 13, 2011

After Achieving

There comes a time when we achieve a goal we have set for ourselves. This is not the time to relax. Achievements are like cars. Getting one takes work and some major decisions. Also like a car an achievement requires maintenance.

To reach our goals we learn, we do our best and we focus. When we reach our goal it seems like we can rest. However, when we relax out attention we tend to fall away from what we have achieved.

Reaching the next plateau is not like reaching the top of a mountain where we can sit and enjoy the sunset. Instead it is nothing more then a shelf of rock on the mountain face where we can get our feet under us. With out maintaining our hold it is easy to fall back to where we were.

o do this we need to do the same thing we did to above the goal. When we learn something new we always check our answers, in other words we make sure we are getting it right. This attention to detail is the most important thing we can do to not slip from our ledge. The other key is focus, we need to remember to pay attention. We need to make sure we are not loosing our grip.

This is more then being aware that we are maintaining the quality of our new skull but also that we are maintaining a humble attitude. When we become proud that is when we loose our grip. Pride makes us blind to our faults and to the risks we take. Achieving our goals is only the first step. Once we have what we worked for we have to make sure we hold on to it.
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