Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Superman and Green Lanteren

One of the most important keys to pesonel growth is being able to see past our limitations and to find ways around them.

To overcome the things which hold us back we need to be able to see them not as the ultimate obstacle, but instead to see them as things that can be overcome. Seeing limitations not as Superman's kryptonite but as Green Lantern's inability to affect yellow is important.

When Superman is exposed to kryptonite then the only thing that he can do is run. If he stays in a place where he is being exposed to it he will die.

On the other hand, Green Lantern's ring for a long time did not affect yellow. If something was yellow his power just dissolved. He was forced time and time again to find ways to work around this limitation. But he did not run from yellow, he sought solutions.

That is what we must do when we come up against our limitations - find another way to work around the problem.


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