Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Knowing Our Skill Set

When we start any new project we must assess our tool set and decide which of our skills best suit the job.

Whether we are good at persevering, at planning or follow-through, what we are good at will help decide how we approach a project.

For example, once I am invested in something I can become quite persistent. Because of this I tend to dive into projects and start figuring things out as I go along. It is a bit of a brute force method but it works for me.

Others have to know what each step will be and then they plan and prep to hit each step in order. Knowing the ways we are strongest can tell us how best to approach a new project.

Conversely we can also consciously approach a project from a weaker skill. Why would we want to do that? To train ourselves to a more rounded skill set.

Whether we want to approach a project by working the way we spontaneously work or as a way to train ourselves in new skills, it all starts with knowing what are strengths are.
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