Monday, April 18, 2011

Starting a Learning Journal

A few weeks ago I competed in a multimedia production contest while at a journalism conference. I did it to try something new and to see what I could learn. As we finished our team's entry for the contest I realized that we could have done better if we had a stronger idea of the story we were going to tell before we started taking pictures and interviewing people. Yesterday I put together another multimedia news story for patch/com and at about the same point realized the same thing. After that I realized I needed to find a place to keep track of the lessons I learn while I work on projects. What I need to learn is to keep a learning journal. The basic idea is a place to record little insights into the process and projects that I work on. Of course keeping the learning journal will be a process I will have to streamline and perfect as well. My plan is to use a note taking phone app to give me easy access to the journal anywhere or when without having to carry something else with me. Then maybe once a week I will take the notes and organize them by topic to make the journal easier to reference when I start a new project. How do you keep life's lessons handy for those moments when you need to review them?


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