Thursday, April 7, 2011


There are times in our life where we need to be able to shine; times when we know we need to do our best and be seen doing it. There are steps you can take to make sure that when these times come you are up to the challenge.

  1. Practice perfect: The work we do when we are not "on stage" is practice for the times when we are being watched. When we practice we have to make sure we correct our mistakes, that we make an effort to train ourselves to do things right. If we get sloppy when we practice we will be sloppy when we perform.

  2. Be nervous: In the days and hours leading up to the time we will be "on stage" we should be nervous. When we allow ourselves to get too sure of ourselves, to be too cocky we become sloppy in the work that we do. Being nervous helps reduce that cockiness, and helps to keep us sharp.

  3. Trust ourselves: While nervous is good while we prepare we must trust ourselves when we are "on stage." We have to know that we will do good, we have to believe in what we are doing and we have to believe that we can do it.


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