Thursday, April 28, 2011

Black and White and Grey

Most of the time, there is a hard line of what is right to do and was is wrong. Most of the time. However that line can blur. Sometimes it stops being a hard, solid black line and becomes a patch of gray shading. One such area can occur around the intersection of ethics and compassion.

I currently have a situation where a teacher on campus is upset about a review we published of a one woman show she put on. She is angry and wants us to remove the review. It would save her feelings to do that, however I do not feel it is the right thing to do. If we begin to bow to the wishes of performers who do not like what we say then we open ourselves to pulling any article that some one does not agree with.

When we walk into the areas where right and wrong turn gray, the only way to move forward is to know what we value and why and to stick to that.


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