Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dealing With Disappointment

Yesterday I was supposed to have a job interview but at the last minute, well OK the last hour, the person I was interviewing sent me an email saying we would need to reschedule. I was disappointed. I think this would be a good job for me and I feel confident about getting it. Being exited about the job I had yammered away to friends and family about the interview.

Being disappointed the last thing I wanted to have to do was answer questions about how the interview went only to have to tell them it did not happen. I posted on face book about the rescheduling so I could avoid those talks.

Then I did what I always do when things don't work out the way I want them to. I joked. OK to be honest, I joke when things go the way I want them to as well. I pretty much save strings of cursing for fixing things and problem solving.

The reason I joke to deal with disappointment is not to hide how I feel but to change how I feel. I could sit there and dwell on how screwed up things are or I could vent. No one likes to hear people complain, but they do like to laugh. So if I am going to vent, might as well crack wise about the situation.

When we are disappointed in how things turn out we can do one of two things, let it bog us down or we can pick ourselves up and try again. Me, I will choose to laugh and try again.


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