Friday, May 27, 2011

The Statue Trilogy Ends

There is a certain piece of art in Santa Rosa that I have talked about before, about how I don’t quite understand what it is trying to say to me, and how I do not not find it esthetically pleasing. The other day I was walking past it again and I suddenly had a revelation. The piece has been trying to talk to me about how we see the world.

A major element of the sculpture is a shiny ring with a bar of metal sticking up across it. As I walked past I was at first caught by the vibrant green tree seen through the sculpture. As I moved past it the tree moved slowly crossing the line of the bar.

As we look at the world we tend to divide the things we see into this or that, this box or that, good or bad, right or wrong, now or later. While these divisions are not necessarily bad we should be aware of how we categorize things, of why we categorize things and why we put them where we put them.

What the sculpture showed me was this: the difference between one box and another is fluid. It is a matter of point of view, of situation and of where you are standing.


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