Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Some Notes on What is Coming

Yesterday I purchased a domain name for the new home of the blog, themighty.us. While there is nothing there yet, I am still working on setting up hosting and designing the site layout, it is a step. Up From the Ashes is growing up.

The reason for the name may require some explanation. First and foremost, I no longer feel like I am in the ashes. My attitude has changed. I am starting to work in the field I have chosen and I feel confident. That is not to say that everything is in place, but I do feel I have come up from the ashes. Second, I am the mighty Quinn. It is time to start acting like it. Third, we can all be mighty in our own way, me as the author and you as the reader are 'The Mighty Us.'

With that in mind I have a few questions and ideas to propose.

I am thinking of creating a wiki that can explore the concepts that get talked about here and in the future there. It would be a document that others could edit, add their insight and share their sorties. It would be sort of a netbook for the blog but made from more than just my own experience.

I would also like to open The Mighty Us to two or three other writers. We would each have our own blog hosted on the site and I would continue to write on a daily basis. The topics would be similar - personal growth, self understanding and living in the world to the best of our abilities. I have a few people in mind for this but if anyone out there is interested let me know. This would not be a paying position at this point but down the road? Who knows what could happen.

I am also open to other ideas and thoughts for how I can make the site something special. If you have ideas, please feel free to share.


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