Thursday, May 5, 2011

What I Need To Do

I have hit a point where I feel I am saying a lot of the same things over and over again. Sometimes that is because it is important and sometimes because it is easy to walk the same ground. Part of it also comes from my own journey, I think. There are a number of things that I am still working on that have not changed that much this year.

My relationship to money is improving but not great, my living situation is interesting, but not really home, and job wise I am still on the search for something solid.

This is not to say that I am facing stagnation but rather that I am working through the areas that are hard for me. Progress is slow but progress is happening and will continue to happen as long as I work for what I want.

I know what I need to do here. I need to brave new ground. I need to talk honestly about how I feel about money and come to terms with my lack of it and devise a plan to start getting the money I need to live the life I want. So be ready. Next week is probably going to be verry introspective and searching.


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