Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't Turn Your Back

"Listen to your heart with both your feet" ~ Lyle Lovett, The Road to Ensenanda

Knowing your heart can be harder then knowing your mind but your heart will lead you where you want to be. To succeed both heart and and head have to work together. We can not forsake the practical for the unlikely, but we can use the practical to make our dreams come true.

The heart and head should not be in opposition. Instead the heart should set the destination and the head should plan the course. Our lives need to move in a direction that makes us feel happy, accomplished and safe. We do this when we listen to our own wants not the wants of others, not what the media tells us we should want or what advertisers tell us happiness feels like.

We define want in our heart. The head on the other hand has the hard job of making it happen in a way that does not destroy the other successes we have.

Don't be afraid to chase your dreams but at the same time don't turn your back on what you have.


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