Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Acting With Purpose

There is in most stories that feature a scary dark wood the scene where our hero gets lost, he walks in circles, is lulled to sleep by evil tress or falls down cliffs in the dark. Each of us in the course of our journey that is personal growth and development has the potential to get lost in the woods. Like the heroes of fairy tales and fantasy classics we can find ourselves walking in proverberial circles as we try to find our way in the thick, dark old wood of our bad habits.

The circles we walk in are the result of doing things just to be doing things rather than doing things with purpose. Let us take this blog as an example, for the last several weeks I have felt like I am saying the same thing over and over again. I have been writing because it is what I do, I write every weekday morning and share my thoughts on personal growth. However, if all I am doing is putting on the same show every day, what's the point? I write to change myself and hopefully to help others.

On Friday the going in circles became too much for me and I called out for assistance. I received several emails that let me know other people cared about the blog. It was bigger them me. If it is bigger them me and I am to keep growing I have to cover the basics from time to time - Know yourself, be honest with yourself, live in the now and do not quit. But I have to also have purpose, have direction and tell what I know with the honesty and intensity it deserves. In other words I must stop writing just to write but instead to share truths, to shine light on the truths of being me in a functional way that I come in contact with.

I have to write with purpose. I have to get out of the woods, find a high hill and get my bearings. The questions that we need to ask to verify that we are acting with purpose are these: Is this important? Why am I doing this? When we can answer these and the answers satisfy our values, our dreams, our commitments and our goals we are on the right course.


Anonymous said...

I like it. Be the hero in your own life and triumph over the scary woods. Thanks for the inspiration.

Quinn said...

You are welcome

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