Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Look Carefully

As we work to grow and to change, as we set goals and look for milestones of accomplishment we need to be on guard for false millstones and false goal fulfillment. When we have worked hard for something and it appears to be before us, it is easy to rush to it with open arms and embrace it without close scrutiny. However, in so doing we might fail to see that the treasure we have battled so long to possess is a decoy.

As we draw close to our goals we need to closely examine the substance of our accomplishments. Is what we have found real or are we projecting our desires onto something that is not entirely there? It is easy to make believe that just because we are better at things then we used to be that we are good at them. Couple this with the strong desire to rest as we reach the summit of our achievement, and it is easy to falsely believe we have found what we are looking for.


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