Monday, December 27, 2010

No Resolutions

So here we are five days from the start of the New Year. Pressure is on to set New Year's resolutions, but should you? My feeling is no.

The problem with New Year's resolutions is this: culturally we are not expected to keep them.

As a society we pressure ourselves to work on being better in the New Year but then we also expect it only to last for a few months. This type of preloaded failure makes it hard for us to stick to resolutions. Personal change and growth are important but they must be entered into with confidence and seriousness, otherwise we will fail. Rather then make a New Year's resolution with all its cultural baggage, I instead suggest picking a significant date in your own life and using this as you personal New Year.

For me I set new overarching goals on the aniversery of the blog. It could be any milestone in your life, wedding aniversery, birthday, child's birthday. Whatever has meaning to you and will help inspire you to be a better person can work. If we are serious about growing and changing then we should not need the social baggage of New Year's resolutions to make it happen.


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