Friday, December 17, 2010

The Plan and a Tangent

My Plan

So with the intent of finding work as a writer I have decided that I need to create an online portfolio of my work. I have decided to simply start a second blog that I will use to collect links to my work published online as well as a place to post my résumé. In addition I have started using as a personal landing page.

The page can serve as an online business card, an easy way for me to introduce myself and share contact information with others. It also allows me to link to this blog, as well as other websites I have written for.

The next step is to start querying publications with article and story ideas as well applying to work for online news services.

A Tangent

The day before yesterday I felt paralyzed, unable to act on looking for work. Yesterday I made my public statement of intent to find work. With this the paralysis unlocked and today I feel free to move forward, create a plan and actually start putting it into action. The power of a statement of intent for me is incredible, focusing, and gives me a path to channel my energy.


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