Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

It has been my experience that we are capable of doing whatever is expected of us, whether this expectation comes from the inside or the outside, it does not matter. If we can do more when we are expected to do more, then we can do more when we need to do more, when no one is watching. It is the same reserve of energy and determination we draw on when we know someone is counting on us to get the job done, to accomplish the tasks others do not know about.

The key to tapping into these depths of strength is to value our own self opinion. If we give up and quit, we diminish our opinion of ourselves. On the other hand if we do pull through and find the energy to go on when things get rough we prove to ourselves that we are strong, we can succeed and that we are worthy of the trust placed in us. All of this together builds confidence and, as I have said before, confidence is the foundation for successful personal growth.


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