Thursday, December 30, 2010

Find Your Way Home

There are times in each of our lives when we start to feel lost. Changes comes at us too quickly and pile up one after another and we do not know what to do. When this happens it is easy to lose control and make bad choices based on fear and uncertainty. When we find ourselves lost, what we need to do is find our way home.

First the grid theory:

The grid theory states that we look at the world through a grid which brings order to our world. The things that are important to us line up with the grid and shape how we see the world.

When we become lost in our own lives the cardinal points on our grid have come out of alignment, and this changes our world view. To find our way home we have to shift our grid, find a few familiar points to line up with and then start looking for what else fits in, where everything else clicks or how it relates to our grid. As we do this the relationships between each element of our lives will start to solidify once again and we will feel less lost.

This may not stop us from feeling overwhelmed but it can help us to understand what is important and what is not.


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