Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today as I sit at the keyboard I have a number of things I want to talk about, ideas I want to explore and concepts I want to share. However, each of them is half developed and I should call them notions rather than ideas. As I search this morning for a topic I have started to share one or two of these ideas and then deleted them, moving on to the next. These ideas are not ready to see the light of day.

This brings up the point that writing requires patience and so does personal growth. We need to be careful both in rushing into things and rushing out of things. Some of the work we do is long and arduous. Part way though we may reach a point where we have made good progress and it feels as if it is enough, that we are better, we are good. This good however, might just be a "good enough," enough to trick us into a false sense of acomplishemnt.

I have often thought that overcoming problems is like climbing a large difficult mountain. The climb is hard and arduous and it is easy to talk ourselves into stopping when in realty we have barely crested the mountain of where we need to be. We may be on the edge of the final assent, and in pulling ourselves up we may be catching the first glimpse of the view beyond our mountain. But we have yet to firmly plant our feet. If we rest now it will be ever so easy to tumble back into the chasm of our old ways.

In moments when our progress seems clear and the future is almost within sight we still need to keep going. At that point we should not find a place to rest and take in the view. We need to push on to stand in the light and not be satisfied with a pale reflection.


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