Monday, December 6, 2010

Intuition and Fear

In the battle of fear and intuition we too often let fear win. Fear can speak in a rational voice; it can tell us all the really good reasons we should not give in to our impulses. However, sometimes our rational mind and our worries about what will happen can stop us from finding what we are looking for.

The skill to learn is to trust your intuition and to be able to listen to it and follow it. The crazy thoughts - I should talk to that person, bet on red, turn left instead of right - can lead us to interesting place and new experiences.

However, we do still need to apply our usual tests to the intuition. Are these actions in line with our values and our commitments? Can we follow these impulses without regret or will they lead to heartache? And is the heartache necessary? Sometimes we cannot learn lessons without making mistakes, sometimes we have to explore the consequences to understand the outcomes. The insight of the intuition can come from the fall out as much as the dive in.


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