Monday, December 21, 2009

Called shots

Goals went fairly well this week but some are taking longer then expected. Here is the run down from last week.

*Learn something new
I have started working on learning css so I can put together my own template for the blog. There is a lot to learn here but I think it will be worth while in the long run.
*Start adjusting my self to school schedule If by adjusting myself to my new school schedule I meant staying up to late and taking naps this went well. But since I meant getting up on time and going to bed at a reasonable hour this goal sort of failed.
*Start a writers group This is going well I have talked to a few friends of mine who write and we have decided this is something we want to do. It looks like it will have to wait until after the holidays for everyone schedules to sink up.
*Fine tune the look of Up from the ashes Working on it still but making progress

This week I'm taking a break from setting any new goals and just going to focus on enjoying the holidays.


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