Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Do what you want with wisdom

We spend a lot of time talking about creating the life we want, about setting goals to accomplish the things we want to do, and in general having things our way. Fulfilling all these desires does make us feel good but we need to temper our wants with wisdom. Let me share an example with you:

I have been sick for the last few days, nothing relay bad just a bit of a cold and sore throat, this morning a friend of mine asked if i would like to join him for a walk. We used to go walking often but since school started for him there has not been enough time. What I should have done is stayed home but I wanted to spend time with my friend so I bundled my sick self up and went walking. Now so far there have been no negative repercutions but I am wrighting this emediantly after returning home.

When we give in to our desires without weighing them against our values and wisdom we run the risk of falling in to hedonism and debauchery. Just because we want something does not make it right, and all things that feel good are not healthy for us. When we give in to desieres and temptations that we know do not benefit us in the long term we start to do things that make us happy. But this is not real happiness, is does not last after the stimulus leaves us, and it leaves us feeling hallow.

Real happiness comes from ourselves, it flows out of us as we accomplish the things in life we truly want, and live in accordance with our values, passions and dreams. So take the time to look at each and every desier you intened to gratify, look to see if it will move you to lasting happiness and if it does do it.


Eric | Eden Journal said...

Your right on with this idea. Dreams and desires must be tempered with wisdom. I have many dreams that I have put off, some temporarily and some permanently because wisdom dictates the opportunity cost is too high or the timing is off.

Real happiness does come from ourselves. Once the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing, we have all that is required for happiness.

Quinn said...

Thanks for your thoughts Eric, opportunity coast in personal growth is definitely an area that needs more thought and discussion, thanks for bringing it up.

Amit Sodha - The Power Of Choice said...

Hey Quinn,

I made a quote to someone recently along the very same lines when I put a question on my fb profile about whether money makes you happy. Happiness comes from within, that is something I know for sure!

Happy New Year

Avi Love said...

Hey Quinn,

Thanks for your comment on my post "A Call to Arms" over on Pick the Brain. This topic is precisely what my book The Common Thread is about. It ties together where different desires stem from, how to manage them, how to consider them rationally, and then a system of simply automatically knowing which ones are good to act on (as well as what to consider if you don't). It's not so much about wisdom (which is a bit of an ethereal concept) as it is about simply having that rational foundation to return to. You have this foundation where you can say, "Well I could do this thing, but that thing is more important." So the purpose of The Common Thread is really detailing how to develop that rational foundation in completely accessible ways regardless of your views or your belief systems. I won't ever tell you that you have to meditate for a half hour a day, that you need to buy my cd, that wisdom or positive affirmations are a requirement, that the first step is to love yourself, or any kind of ridiculous unarticulated idea that doesn't have any viable process. Those sorts of ideas always leave people wondering where one finds this wisdom thing or the steps to loving yourself. Terms like those are just outside perspectives on changes that someone has made, but it's important to recognize that those are not the changes the person made to get there. The Common Thread, and rational thought systems in general, is about exactly what changes you can make with nothing else required but your own mind exactly the way it is now and exactly what steps you can take to get absolutely anywhere you want to go with no ethereal concepts included. I'm glad you enjoyed my post, and I enjoyed yours as well.

Happy new year,
Avi Love
Author of The Common Thread
An investigation into what living "correctly" means in the modern world.
View and purchase The Common Thread at https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/7494

Quinn said...

@ Amit that is so true, money makes things easier but does not create happiness.

@Avi Your call to arms is something I think everyone should read and will be included in my Friday link round up. Thanks for writing it and thanks for stopping by.

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