Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Random sources of inspiration

IT is time once again for my media inspired musings and once again i am going to the show Dexter ( I have been watching a lot of it lately). One of the themes in the show is that we are what our past makes us. What do you think are we prisoners of our past?

Personally I do not think this is true. no matter what regrets or traumas we have in our history if we take control of our lives and desired we want to change we can. The important aspect of this is wanting to chance and putting in the effort make this change happen.

While it is true we will always bear the scares of our past it is our choice weather we let them cripple and shape our future we can accept them as part of our past and move on. We can either let our past shape our future or instead consciously take control and shape our future. We have to let our past go save the good memories from our past and learn our lessons from all we experience then use that knowledge to help us transform our lives in to what we want them to be.


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