Friday, December 4, 2009

Good stuff or bad stuff and how we relate to to others

Attitude can change everything. I know I am not saying anything earth shaking or sharing a startling new revelation with any of you but it is something we forget all too often. The way we look at the world leads us to see exactly what we expect from it reinforcing our notions and beliefs. The same is true with our moods when we look at some one we filter their actions not by what they feel but how we are feeling at the moment and then react to them based on that.

Let me share something with you. As I have mentioned before I am a nerd who plays role playing games. One of these games is called Amber deciles RPG, and one of the concepts in the game is good stuff and bad stuff. When you make a character you get points which you can spend on your abilities and powers. What if you have points left over or if you spend too much, that becomes your stuff if you have extra points you have good stuff meaning your character is lucky; if you spend too much and go in debt you have a character with bad stuff that will be unlucky. The type of stuff you have also affects how you see the world.

Here is an example:

You walk in to a hotel and step up to the front desk. The young woman behind the counter is reading a magazine and takes a moment to notice you are there. She helps you quickly and efficiently and then goes back to her reading.

How a good stuff character would see it: You walk up to the counter a young woman is excitedly reading an article in her magazine, she is so cought up in it that it is not until you ring the bell on the desk that she looks up at you. A quick blush of embarrassment tinges her cheeks as she smiles and helps you check in to your room.

Now the bad stuff character: The young woman behind the counter sits reading a magazine ignoring you until you ring the bell. She forces a smile as she rushes through the processes of checking you in to your room returning to her magazine before you can even step away from the counter.

It is the same situation but since we are looking at it with a different lens we see things differently. If we are not aware of how we see the world we will always be reacting to our perceptions of people rather than reacting to the person they really are. Now it may never be possible to separate ourselves from how we perceive people when we make decisions, and none of us have a flawless lens but we can know the flaws and use that knowledge to change our interaction with others.

So my question for you to ponder this weekend is this: are you a good stuff character or a bad stuff character? As always your thoughts and comments are welcome and have a great day.


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