Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Random sources of inspiration

"Is this what my life will be like making promises that i do not want to keep, it's complicated the pros and cons of responsibility " Dexter Morgan, Dexter TV show

Ah yes the pros and cons of responsibility. As we grow and change in our personnel life we are often seen as becoming more competent and reliable. As this happens others begin to turn to us for help and just like that we have new responsibilities, how do we deal with this, how do we choose which ones to take on and which ones to set aside?

The key is to take on the challenges that fit the life we want, just because some one hopes we will help them do something or fill some roll for them we are not obligated to. With each new responsibility comes added stress and less time to work on the things that are important to us. By being selective of the commitments we make we allow our selves the time to do the things we want and the things we are agreeing to do with effort and energy they deserve.

If you have to say no to some one be honest and upfront, do not hedge and say maybe or i don't know. These people who come to us looking for help assistance and support need to know if we will help them or be able to go and look for that help else were.

As i have said before the important thing to remember is that once we desied to take on a responsbility we no longer have the right to complain aobut it. We are doing what we are doing by our choice.


Betsy Bargain said...

Thanks for this reminder that we need to choose carefully which new responsibilites we take on, in order to be true to our life's vision, and also because we owe it to those who would seek help from us. I have been guilty on many occasions of taking on more than I could handle because I didn't want to refuse someone who asked for help.

Quinn said...

@ Betsy you are welcome for the reminder. I too am one who spreads himself to thin at almost every opportunity so i know how hard it can be to say no. Thanks for stopping by.

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