Monday, December 7, 2009

Called shots

So another Monday evening another look at last weeks goals and time to set goals for this week. Last weeks goals were a bit hit and miss, I allowed my self to be distracted from what I wanted to get done by my commitments to others. But this is a choice I made this week and the things that did not get completed were not anything that was time critical so this week I will refocus and try some of them again. How about you how did things go on your goals this week?
Last weeks goals

* No soda for another Done and done
* Prepare to get myself on a schedule. This one is a bit of a stall because I am scared of failing at the schedule. I did not do much work on this but will put more effort into it this week
* Stop procrastinating even on little things. This was my big successes for the week and a real life changing attitude to have.
* Find a place to volunteer. this is another one that did not get met.
* Develop a work flow pattern for when school starts. This is one of the goals that got pushed to the side. I still have a month before classes start and won't have my schedule until next week.

This weeks goals.

*Find a place to volunteer
*Develop a set schedule for myself
*Get my class schedule organized and register for classes
*Work on new writing project
*Add a new feature to the blog

Monthly goals
*No soda for a month


Pseudonymous said...

Ok, here were my goals:

1. Weight Watchers Points: FAIL
2. Walk, Box and Do Yoga 5/7 days: Met partially. Going out of town made the boxing unmeetable. I walked every day but only did yoga and boxing about 3x each
3. Personal Points: Another No-Go
4. Outstanding Reports Completed: Again, nope. The snowstorm saved me and I got a lot done yesterday, but still. Didn't meet this.

I have a big problem with procrastinating as well as keeping myself honest to myself. Holding myself accountable. The cold has been making it way worse as Just want to hibernate and stay warm. Makes the little lies i tell myself way more believable.

1. Stay on Weight Watchers Wednesday through next Monday.
2. Walk, Box and Yoga 4/7 days, starting Monday
3. Revitalize Personal Points
4. Do My Dishes Every Day
5. Set a schedule for completing my master's thesis and spend at least 3 hours over the week working on thesis.

I added #4 because it's been a really hard one for me lately.

#5 is really important. I'm very worried about my tenuous professional position and have never given myself a deadline for getting this done. So I'm giving myself a deadline -- Sunday January 3rd. I want my Vegas trip next month to be my FINISHED MY THESIS! party. It's a good month to work on this because I will have so much time off.

Thanks for helping to keep me honest Q

Quinn said...

Good luck with the goals this week. Take it one day at a time and keep an eye on yourself as far as the procrastination goes. If you find yourself saying i can do that later just get up and do it now.

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