Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The gift of value

In the past we have talked about how we behave the way others expect us to behave. This is one reason we should only take on commitments that we know we can keep and that are in line with our values. Knowing that others have a good option of us gives us an idea of how much they value us which intern contributes to our own scents of self worth.

This Christmas I received a gift from my sister that defined exactly how she felt about me. This present was nothing more then a little red box but inside it I found a number of small papers with words she felt described me. The idea of the box is that others can add there thoughts to it as well and that way we allays know that we are valued and respected by others.

While i do not get to see my sister as often as I would like I now have a way to know ohw she feels about me any time I need it. This pushes me to be the person she sees me to be and keeps me moving forward even when i just want to stop and rest. This is one of the greatest gifts i have ever recived and i am making a list of people i want to share it with by giving them there own Box of Value.

So my question to you is there some one in your life that could use the gift of value. Some one who needs to know that others suport them and love them and find value in there very existance? If there is some one like that why not make them a Box of Value?


Hulbert said...

Hi Quinn. Whoa, that's interesting that you sister gave you a box for Christmas. It's probably nice to know that your sister is still there for you and writes to you. It is a very valuable gift in terms of meaning rather than price. Thanks for this inspiring post and I hope you have a happy new year!

Henri @ Wake Up Cloud said...

This was awesome. Your sister gave you a pretty deeply thoughtful gift. That is always fun and interesting ;)

Quinn said...

@ Hulbert And Henri

It was definitely a deep thoughtful gift and now sits on my desk were I can see it every day and be reminded of it.

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