Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Balance in your day

For me one of the biggest challenges to being happy is boredom. If I find myself without something to do, something to work on or something to read watch or play my mind does not go to happy memories (for the most part) Instead I start to dwell on things I regret doing. For me the challenge is not finding things to entertain myself but learning when they stop becoming hobbies and start become distractions.

Having projects, hobbies and other activities that you enjoy doing is not bad in and of themselves but when you folks on them to the exclusion of things that you need to get done to maintain your way of life they become a problem. A well lived life needs a masseur of balance, doing things for our enjoyment, doing things for our survival, and doing things to for others must all balance against each other.

Working madly every day to make money and earn statues is worthless if you cannot enjoy the rewards. Having free time to do what you want is nice but not if you don't have food to eat. And having both wealth and free time is pointless without people to share it with.

Make time for work, make time for myself, and make time for others. This way leads to balance.


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