Monday, June 7, 2010

Perception is important

It is not always easy but it is not always hard, was a thought I put on a list a while back. I have found time and time again that the difficulty of a situation is more controlled by my expectations then by the actual complexity of the task. If I am bringing a lot of baggage in to a situation and I expect to have to fight for every inch then that is exactly what happens. If on the other hand I come in knowing that what I am doing will be easy then, again, that is what happens.

Let's look at an example I need to find work but in part to a fear of rejection and lack of transportation every time I look through Craigslist or monster I expect there to be nothing for me there. This week I am committing myself to look with the mind set that the perfect job is waiting for me. I will not approach the job hunt with dread but with enthusiasm and see if this changes my successes in the hunt.

Who we are affects how we see the world; how we see the world affects the difficulty we face day-to-day. Being aware of how we are impacting our chance of successes gives us the ability to adjust the difficulty to some degree. I will keep you posted on how the change in my perception of the job market and my attitude towards job hunting helps me.


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