Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On not being a kitten

Kittens are hyper exited little balls of fluff however they do not use all that energy for much of anything creative. The run around the room pouncing at shadows, running in to walls, jumping on anything that move or that they think may consider moving in the next few minutes. In other words they have no focus to their energy. Often times I can find myself acting like a kitten, well not so much anymore but I still have my kitten like days.

Whether it is because I am restless and can't settle on one task or because I don't know what will work I do find myself putting my energy where it is not needed. Whenever we find ourselves with energy to burn it is much better to focus that in to productiveness or fun rather than wild flailing. While I am not suggesting the kitten does not enjoy the running around he also winds up slamming himself in to walls and doing things that get him a squirt from the water bottle.

So how do we focus our selves at times like these? In my case I like to have a to-do list, that way if I come to that point where I need to take action on something I can turn to the list and say I will work on that. I keep a list of productive projects and my friends and I are talking about doing the same for all the fun stuff we want to do. Sometimes a bit of wild flailing is necessary as we learn new skills but we must also learn to move beyond the kittenish tendency towards distraction.


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