Friday, June 18, 2010

Things I learned from my father

Well Fathers day is almost here and I wanted to share a story about my dad and a lesson he taught me, even if I did not get the lesson until late in life. As I have mentioned in the past I'm play role playing games. This is a hobby that I have been into since I was a kid I received my first Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) set for Christmas when I was in third grade. I will get back to that.

One thing you must know about my father is he is a quiet, peaceful man. He enjoys his art, being outdoors and playing sports and word games, needless to say D&D was not going to be his thing. However that Christmas morning we sat on the couch together as I unwrapped the plastic from the red box and he read the rules with me, helped me make a character and ran a little bit of game for me.

The lesson here is kindness. The ability to put aside his distaste for the game and play it with me just make me happy. This is a quality I have seen in him time and time again the quiet kindness shown not through words but actions. This is something I struggle with today, this kind of quiet powerful kindness. Thanks for lesson dad.


Cait said...

That's spot on. Our dad is the kindest man I've ever known. Kind, and gentle =).

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