Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Open thought process: Generosity vs. Kindness

Giving of ourselves and of things is something nice to do, it can even be a kind thing to do for others but being generous is not the same as being kind. Generosity is the ability or the inclination to give what we have to others to help them meet the needs and wants in their life. Kindness is the ability to understand the emotional needs and feelings of others and acting in a way to protect them.

Generosity does not necessarily come from a materialistic view-point however. We can give our time as well as our things to help others. So perhaps there is some overlap between the two if we are able to separate the material needs from the emotional needs and give accordingly. The giving is the generosity the perception is the kindness.

We normally think that being kind is an action but if we look at it as the impetus of action then it becomes something more. Kindness can be the fuel that drives us, the perception of the emotional need in people can be the thing that moves us to act justly, properly, and generously.

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