Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Knowing when to much is to much

If there is one key to accomplishing any task no matter how large no matter how small it is persistence. We can all do great things, make large changes and have an impact as long as we do not stop trying. As long as we are willing to look for a way to achieve the things we want in life we have the opportunity to succeed. The moment we give up, stop fighting and desired the goal is not longer worth the effort that is the only moment in which we cease to accomplish anything.

Blind persistence is not wisdom however. We must always be aware of the cost of our actions, the impact on our lives the trying to achieve something brings with it. If we do not choose wisely how to use the recourses that are at our disposal then we can find we have wasted our time, energy, money and relationships on a fool's quest. We must always before each and every attempt to reach a goal understand if that goal attempt is a wise use of the resources at hand.

This si the time to turn away from what we have fought for: When what we would give up is worth more to us then what we are trying to gain. Too often we find ourselves striving to achieve things that do not mean as much to us now as they once did because we have worked at it for so long to not finish seems silly. If finishing gets in the way of your definition for successes, no matter the effort and time put in to it, if it costs too much it cost too much.

Be willing to walk away when things no longer matter to you. Understand that this is not failure it is part of growth that the things we find important change. An inability to see the changes in our lives reflected in our desires is another way we thwart happiness.


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