Thursday, June 10, 2010

Exercises in personal growth

If we are looking to get in shape physically we will start an exercise program. I we are looking to get our lives in shape we need to do the same thing. I have been trying to think up some exercises for myself to help strengthen my character. Today I am going to share a warm up exercise I have come up with. I try to do this one about every three months, it is good or rededicating myself to growth and keeping me in touch with what I want.

Start by making a list on a piece of paper of the things you want to achieve in the next six months. Put as many items on the list as you can think of than work down to a manageable number I would suggest putting between six to eight item. Next devise a process for achieving these things. The process should be somewhat detailed and actionable, in other words a road map for what must be done in order for the dream to be realized. Be honest with yourself when assembling the process take the time to research what it is you want; the process must be realistic otherwise it is not a proper tool for reaching the goal.

Now the next stage is to eliminate half of the dreams on your list. We cannot focus on everything we want all at once. Our efforts will suffer if we try to. You should look at the costs associated with each idea on your list, both financial and the time it takes to achieve. Other costs to be considered are personal discipline, impact on those around you, and the risk. Once you have chosen a list of three to four projects to work on start work each process you have developed for yourself.


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