Monday, June 28, 2010

The personal laboratory

Sometimes we chase our dreams and find them to be other than what we had hoped for. This is not disaster this is the process of learning about our self. Life is an experiment all we can do is pose theories about what will work and then figure out ways to test those theories. We set out on journeys and travel to distant places, both internally and externally to find what will work for us. We change the clothes we were the way we style the hair, the slang we use when talking our friends. We try to change with the methods are big or small, some of them work others do not but either way they have their rewards.

There are really two possibilities that we face any time we make changes in our life: we get the results we expected or we get results that we did not expect. Sometimes these results are positive others they are not but no market what we learn something about ourselves. The changes in our life should not be viewed in a pass fail mentality but rather in terms of what understanding of myself did I get from this.

So for all of those of you beginning and ending epic journeys in your life: Look for the learning, look for what part of yourself rings true, how do you shine through the change of scenery, the change of action or the change of appearance. Out of all of it what is it that makes you. That is the result of the experiments of life a greater understanding of ourselves.


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