Monday, June 21, 2010

When it can’t be fixed now

Some days things go wrong, and worse we can't do anything about it for a few hours, a day, a week. This should not crush all happiness until the problem is fixed. When we know that we cannot deal with a problem we must learn to let it go. If we spend our time stressing cursing and fiddling with the problem even when we can't effect it we lose the moment we are having and impact the mood of those around us.

Here is the real problem he more we worry about it the more it frustrates us, the more it frustrates us the more we worry and our mood gets worse with each cycle. The trick I have learned is to say yes this is bad but it will be fixed but not now, then I put the problem out of my mind until the time it can be dealt with. Then I try to enjoy what is going on around me. This is not the same as trying to hide from a problem since the goal is to deal with an issue when it can be affected not to just hope it goes away. If a problem is solvable now, solve it now. If it is not find when it will be solvable and let it go until then.

If our actions cannot produce positive effects then they are a waste of energy and time.


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