Friday, June 11, 2010

Phase two

There are two phases to personal growth, one is easy and the other much more difficult. The first is we have to think about personal growth and study what we want to change and how we want to change it. During this phase we can read all the books and blogs we want. We can look in to our selves understand what we want, or strengths our weaknesses and our goals. We can do all that and still not be growing. We can even plan, make commitments to change during the first phase but without the second phase it has no effect.

The second phase is taking action. Everything else is for nothing if we do not put our plans in to action. We have to get out there and make the changes we see fit in our lives, cut down on the empty calories, start exercising, start meditating, go back to school, or start building confidence. Whatever it is if we do not start doing it then it will not be done. That moment where we begin a new project is a huge accomplishment we have overcome momentum and inertia to make something happen.

We get what we want by taking action; this is as true internally as it is externally. Personal growth can be hard at first, you may slip up and fall on your ass. Just remember this we all fell on our ass when learning to walk, but we got back up and tried again and again. Stumbling is not failure as long as we don't stop trying; but first we have to start trying.


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