Monday, June 14, 2010

My plan for summer time management

So the fun freewheeling times of summer vacation have come to an end for me and school is starting once again. This session I am taking a bigger risk then I have in the past. I have two online classes, which means it is more important than ever that I displace myself about my use of time. While in the past time management has been an issue for it is one that I am ready to tackle.

My main tools for doing this will be Google calendar and a to-do list. Google calendar will be used for blocking out me time and planning my week, the to-do list will be used to keep me on track with specific tasks that need to be accomplished to complete assignments or other projects I am working on.

My current plan is to use a color coded to do list in word or excel. The color will be tied to the blocked out time on my Google calendar, for example: let's say I set sociology as blue then the items on the to-do list that are sociology related would be blue as well. This will (hopefully) help to focus my use of time better.


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