Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Need: this word is the often abused and misused. When we require something to live that is need; food, shelter, rest and companionship are the things we need. There are times we may need to get out of a situation as well but that is the limit of how the word should be used. This means we do not need that new handbag, we do not need that new game, and we do not need to go out to eat every night. If we have the basics food, clothing, shelter, a place to rest and people to share our days with we will survive.

There is one argument that can be raised against this Spartan interpretation of the word need: Life needs to be enjoyed and a quality of life must be maintained in order for us to be happy and healthy. If I accept this argument it allows me to justify the purchase of whatever I want as a necessity, new cars new clothes new toys.

The argument seems solid; quality of life is important right?

Of cores quality of life is important but it is not found in material things it is found in our attitude. No matter how much we have as long as the four basic needs are met we can have a high quality of life. If we pursue happiness through material things then our happiness will have a shelf life, as our things expire, as wear and tear take their toll on our things our happens will erode. If on the other hand we find a way to be happy without things no matter how much or little we have we can still be happy.

We must also understand what the limits of food, shelter, rest and companionship are.

For the need of food to be met we must be getting our daily nutritional needs, no more no less. Living on Starbucks and fast food every day guess what you are not meeting this need.

The need for shelter is simple enough a safe place to be out of the elements. Living with someone abusive that is not shelter. Living somewhere dirty somewhere infested with mold and rodents that is not shelter. We need a place to be safe.

Rest we must have the proper amount of sleep on a regular and routine basis. Four most of this means eight hours every night but how many of us actually get that. How many of us have fooled ourselves in to thinking 6 hours is fine or I can function on four hours of sleep? Find the time to sleep, to rest and the rest of your hours will be more productive.

We are social animals and we need companionship in order to function. A night out by yourself at a crowded bar does not constitute companionship. One night stands does not constitute companionship. What does? People you can be yourself around, people you can let your guard down around and people who will give you a shoulder to cry on when you need to or ask for yours when they need it.


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