Friday, June 25, 2010

Something old

Here is a guest post I had written for uplift antidote. I was hoping to link to it yesterday but found that Uplift Antidote is no longer on-line. So here it is.

The power of inspiration is that it rekindles your fires; it gets you going and sends your mind racing like a dog after a rabbit. You fly off the trail following your nose going where it leads you. You splash through muddy puddles and finally come to a halt somewhere panting and happy.

The best news is that inspiration is everywhere. All we have to do is look for it, and the more we look for it the more often we will find it. So often we go through our days not putting our full attention in to what we are experiencing. Our minds are not in the present they are stuck in the past going over what might have been, or they are off in the future worrying about what might be. When we bring our mind back to the now and actually watch the world around us we become open to a new way of thinking.

Let me ask you how many blogs do you read a day? How many web pages do you load up and let your eyes wander over? How many of them stick with you, how many change your life, how many inspire you? More importantly how may do you give enough attention to allow them to inspire you?

The point here is that if we want the fire and spark of joy brought about by feeling inspired we need to let it happen. We need to allow ourselves to be open to the lessons that are there before us. By setting aside time to plan and to remember the pleasant moments of the past we can spend the rest of our lives in the moment. We can be here being open to inspiration.

So have I inspired you today? If so now I challenge you be open, let inspiration find you and when it does run from the path and chance it. Let inspirations direct your thoughts, direct your hands and fill your heart with happiness. You can have this if you allow yourself to.


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