Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Self analysis

What is it that drives us to take control of the person that we are, to desire to change in a quantifiable, observable and continues way? There are many reasons, probably as many, if not more, then there are people reading this but I want to talk about the forces that make me want to change.

I want a scenes of control over my future, rather than letting things slip by me and just picking the easy fruit I want to have the life that I want. To do this I need to improve myself, my education needs to increase, I need to be consistent with my strengths and find ways to minimize my weaknesses. To do this I need to grow.

Also change is inevitable. It is a standard element of movies the executive who one day relies they are not where they want to be. That is the person I have never wanted to be, and maybe one of my greatest fears, being trapped in a job I hate. However I have drifted so aimlessly, so afraid of being trapped that I have not latched on to much of anything in my life. By being continues of my growth and the path I am on I hope to find stability and not wind up in a place I feel trapped.

Lastly I do not want to stagnate. It happens to people they live in the past focusing on their glory years be it high school or college, the times when they had fun. Life should be fun the entire time you live, not every moment of every day but every day should have moments of fun. The only way to prevent stagnation and longing for the past is to grow in the present. Growth gives us a chance to struggle, to succeed and to achieve.

This is why I want to change, why I want to control the change. How about you what is your motivation?


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